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Sinkholes in Tennessee cause growing concern

Sinkhole repairs have kept United Structural System crews busy the past few months. Many suspect that the uptick in concern regarding sinkholes happened after a sinkhole opened up underneath a Florida home in March, killing a man and swallowing the bedroom whole.

News Channel 5 interviewed USS vice president, Kenny Williams, about the growing concern over sinkholes in Tennessee.

“Two years ago I only looked at about 12 all year,” said Williams in the News Channel 5 interview. “I’ve looked at 13 just in the last two weeks.”

Sinkholes are a common occurrence in the Tennessee area, because of the type of rock below the surface of most of Middle TN. Limestone, which makes up the vast majority of Tennessee, tends to be a very dissolvable sedimentary rock, comprised primarily of minerals. Clarksville and other areas surrounding Middle TN are especially susceptible to sinkholes as a result of the deep caverns and caves that run below the ground in that area. See a U.S. Geological map of areas prone to sinkholes in Tennessee.
What happens if you think you have a developing sinkhole? One is to look for obvious signs of structural areas in the home such as bricks cracking on the exterior of your home, windows sticking and doors jamming. Take a walk around the outside of the home and look for cracks in driveways, sidewalks and pavement. But, the most obvious way to tell if you have a sinkhole is to look for a depression in the yard or near your foundation.

How do I fix a sinkhole?
There are various ways to repair a sinkhole, but there is no “cookie cutter” approach. Each property and structure should be inspected which will allow USS managers to create an appropriate plan for the sinkhole and degree of threat to the structure. Only a qualified repair specialist with experience in sinkhole remediation should take on such a project. Contact United Structural Systems at 615.227.2275 to schedule a free estimate.

Does insurance cover sinkhole damage?
United Structural Systems advises that you contact your insurance company before pursuing any repairs.


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