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Need brick repair or concrete carving? We do that!

United Structural Systems, Inc. provides a variety of specialized services, such as those brick repair, shotcrete, pressure grouting voids or concrete rock carving. If you’re looking for commercial applications, check out our commercial geotechnical services page here.

Brick repair and masonryBrick repair and masonry:
Are your bricks in need of cosmetic repair? We routinely provide tuckpointing or caulking services. When foundation repair work is done to a home, we will re-lay that portion of damaged brick or block as a part of our services. See a gallery of our brick repair work.

Shotcrete and pneumatically applied concreteShotcrete:
Shotcrete (pneumatically applied concrete) is an application available for use on retaining walls, basement walls, canals, slope stabilizations and specified concrete repair.

Concrete Rock CarvingConcrete Rock Carving:
Using the shotcrete application, USS can create custom-designed rock features and retaining walls. This hands-on art form makes a striking difference in an outdoor living area.

Sinkhole repair and pressure grouting voidsPressure Grouting Voids:
Sinkholes can be very damaging and dangerous to the people, homes and buildings around them. Pressure grouting voids can provide stabilization and reduce the effects of sinkhole damage on your home and surrounding areas.

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The United Structural Systems team is devoted to resolving your concrete, foundation and waterproofing needs. Give us a call today to diagnose problems in your home or commercial project. 615-227-2275

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