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  • Crawl Space Encapsulation By USS Video

    Crawl Space Encapsulation By USS

    When neglected, crawl spaces can become humid places where mold grows, wood rots, and bad air accumulates. Unfortunately, what’s out of sight won’t be able to stay out of mind forever. The smells and humidity from a neglected crawl space will eventually make it into your house above. Not to mention, a wet crawl space can lead to unnecessary home repairs and even health problems.

    Fortunately, our Nashville crawl space encapsulation services are a cost-effective process that locks out unwanted moisture and saves your crawl space from complications. The experienced team at United Structural Systems offers crawl space encapsulation services for houses all throughout Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama. Whether you’re wanting to install an encapsulation system as a preventative measure or you’ve already seen signs of damage from moisture problems, call USS TN! We’ll send a professional to your property in no time to provide a free crawl space estimate.

    Crawl space encapsulation is one of the most effective ways of preventing damages caused by indoor moisture. The process involves using a thick plastic crawl space vapor barrier to completely cover the interior of your crawl space. This barrier will be laid out over the floors and walls of your crawl space. Once the area has been sealed, a dehumidifier is typically installed in the encapsulated crawl space to further prevent excess moisture.

    Too much moisture in your crawl space can lead to a variety of problems, including poor indoor air quality in your main living area, more expensive energy bills due to high humidity, increased risk of mold, and structural damage, to name a few. A complete Nashville crawl space encapsulation system can help prevent these damages, as well as offer the following benefits:

    Better air quality
    Moisture control
    Efficient energy use
    Increased lifespan of HVAC system
    Seal vents and doors to keep the area clean and dry
    Protect wooden structures from rot and damage

  • Crawl Space Drainage By USS Video

    Crawl Space Drainage By USS

    Protecting your home from water damage is one of the best investments you’ll ever make, and your crawl space is one area that is especially important to pay attention to. While many homeowners are familiar with the condition of their home’s interior, not many venture into their crawl space area. However, ignoring or neglecting your crawl space can lead to moisture-related damage. United Structural Systems is proud to be your trusted Nashville crawl space waterproofing and sump pump installation experts, and we can help you safeguard your home from this damaging and costly problem.

    Water can infiltrate your crawl space in a variety of ways and cause serious issues to any wooden structural components and jeopardize the integrity of your foundation support system. It can be difficult to know whether your crawl space has been compromised, so here are some symptoms to watch out for:

    Damp/wet foundation walls
    Standing water
    Musty odors inside your home
    Wood damage or rot
    Fungal damage on wood framing

    If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s essential that you give us a call at United Structural Systems right away. One of our Nashville crawl space waterproofing specialists can assess your home and recommend the best plan for you. There are several effective options for waterproofing your crawl space and preventing water-related damage and the progressive damage that moisture accumulation can cause.

  • Foundation Repair By USS Video

    Foundation Repair By USS

    So your foundation has settled unevenly, resulting in foundation cracks, window frames separating from the walls, sticking doors, uneven floors, or all of the above. If that’s your experience, you can at least be comforted in knowing you’re in good company, as statistics suggest at least 25% of U.S. homes will experience structural distress of some kind. That is where United Structural Systems and our Nashville foundation pier experts come in. With free estimates, we can assess your foundation and help you to understand the full scope of what foundation repair needs to take place and what costs you can expect.

    At United Structural Systems, our years of experience in foundation repair have led us to the conclusion that the best possible permanent foundation repair solution is the use of steel push piers. There are, however, various other options for foundation repair that we feel don’t measure up to the strength and longevity of our Nashville foundation pier systems.

    Over years of Nashville foundation lifting and repair work, we’ve come to the conclusion that there is simply no better way to stabilize your foundation and protect your home from damage caused by uneven settlement than the installation of steel push piers. Steel push piers can reach the sturdy bedrock beneath the shifting soils that are causing your foundation to shift. The nature of steel is strength, making these piers able to support as much as 10 times the weight of concrete piers despite their smaller diameter. They also produce less soil drag than concrete piers, which protects the pier as time wears on.

  • Adjustable Crawl Jack With USS Video

    Adjustable Crawl Jack With USS

    Have you noticed sinking, sagging, or bouncing floors in your home? If so, it’s time to call the trusted Nashville floor support experts at United Structural Systems. If your floors are not level or do not offer adequate stability, this could indicate damage or poor construction in the framing or foundation support underneath. There are several potential reasons why your floors may need repair, and our expert contractors can thoroughly assess your property and get to the root of the issue. Our Nashville floor support service team can recommend an effective, long-lasting solution to restore your home’s structural integrity.

    Sometimes, sagging or sloping floors are caused by too much space (overspanning) between the joists, from the outer foundation walls to the inner support beams. Other times, the joists have become damaged due to excessive moisture, soil settling, or insect infestation. No matter the reason for your sagging floors, you can count on our Nashville floor support service and sagging floor repair specialists to get things fixed up for you with ease.

    How do you know if you need floor support work? If you have noticed any of the following symptoms in your home, you may have issues with your floors or the foundation itself:

    Sagging floors
    Bouncing floors
    Uneven floors
    Cracks in your drywall
    Sticking of your interior doors

    Depending on your home’s unique condition, our crew can recommend the best course of action for your Nashville home’s sagging and uneven floor repair. United Structural Systems utilizes a variety of tools and techniques to solve problems related to inadequate floor support.

    If your joists are overspanned, we may use an additional steel support post and a series of beams to lift up the sagging area. If we discover any split, cracked, or otherwise damaged joists, we may use sister joists to restore integrity. We can also repair or replace any damaged wood to provide your flooring adequate support.

    United Structural Systems is a trusted leader in the area for floor services, foundation repair, concrete leveling, and basement and crawl space services. Reach out to our floor support services team in Nashville today to learn more or to request your free estimate.

  • Basement Waterproofing By USS Video

    Basement Waterproofing By USS

    Whether the home you’ve lived in for years has started leaking in the basement after heavy rain or you have new construction you want to protect, our reliable drainage systems go far beyond basic basement leak repair. You’ll have a guaranteed dry basement with a total basement waterproofing system by USS in Nashville.

    When deciding how to waterproof your basement, you’ll be faced with several options for preventing excess moisture and flooding. There are two main ways to waterproof a basement in Nashville: interior drain systems or exterior water management systems. Interior drain systems pump out water that makes its way into your basement, while exterior drain systems divert groundwater away from your home.

    Both basement waterproofing approaches can be effective, depending on the type of property, location, and cause of your wet basement. You can learn more about the causes of a wet basement on our Basement Waterproofing page.

  • PolyLift By USS Video

    PolyLift By USS

    Our preferred Nashville concrete leveling method is the utilization of expanding polyurethane foam. Our proprietary PolyLift system injects foam at high pressure into holes less than an inch in diameter that we drill into the top of the concrete. Once the foam has been injected into the void caused by shifting soil or gravel, air bubbles in the polymer expand and lift the slab back into its proper place, making your driveway, sidewalk, and other concrete surfaces safer to drive and walk on.

    After the small holes are patched, leveled concrete can be walked on immediately and driveways can be driven on after 30 minutes. Concrete lifting with polyurethane is a fast, effective concrete repair method for sinking, uneven concrete slabs, sunken driveways, and sinking concrete sidewalks.

    Benefits of Concrete Leveling with PolyLift:

    Minimal impact to the structural integrity of the slab
    Installation is completed in minutes
    Provides an accurate lift
    Concrete slabs are ready to use in 30 minutes or less
    Clean and nondisruptive concrete repair method
    Small injection holes can be patched
    No excavation
    39-49% renewable and recycled materials
    Longer-lasting and more cost-effective than alternative methods
    Lightweight to prevent future sinking

FAQs for Property Managers

We guarantee all of our interior drainage systems and foundation wall repair with lifetime, no-hassle warranties. Call us for more information on guarantees for concrete lifting!

The PolyLift system we use for concrete repair is a permanent solution for concrete lifting, unlike the more outdated mudjacking option that some companies still use. The unique polyurethane foam we use to lift concrete back into place is waterproof and very lightweight, meaning it won’t wash out and it won’t sink the way heavy concrete slurry does.

Concrete appointments are straightforward. An experienced Project Manager will discuss the issues with you before they take a look at the affected concrete. They will assess the extent of the damage and determine a course of action that fits your needs and your budget.

It is actually very rare for tree roots to cause any damage to your concrete, but in the rare case that it does happen, there are options. You can always cut the roots, though this could kill your tree if not done carefully by an experienced professional. Root barriers can be installed once the offending roots have been removed. You can also remove the entire tree.

Exterior concrete sinks because the soil beneath it has given way. Water saturates the soil, causing it to swell and press upward against the concrete. When the soil dries out, it shrinks again and leaves voids beneath the concrete slab that eventually the concrete falls into.

We do not use mudjacking to level concrete. We believe it is an outdated method that doesn’t permanently keep concrete lifted. We use a special polyurethane foam that is much lighter than mudjacking.

Your average hardware store is going to have a lot of different epoxies and other options for DIY concrete crack repair. However, these methods fail to address the underlying cause of your damaged concrete and instead are mostly just giving you a cosmetic repair.

The cost of your concrete repair will vary depending upon how much concrete needs to be lifted and how severe the damage is. The best way to find out the cost is to contact us for a free estimate on our services. We can let you know what solutions will be best and how much it is going to cost.

Our preferred method for concrete repair is very fast. The length of time for the entire repair process will vary depending upon how much concrete needs to be repaired. The cure time for our patented PolyLift system is almost immediate.

We utilize a fast-acting polyurethane foam to perform concrete repairs. Concrete leveled with our PolyLift system can be walked on immediately once the repair has been completed. You can drive on your driveway after just 30 minutes.

See What Property Managers Are Saying About Working With USS

Highly recommend you guys….Great explanation, timely, professional, and quality service. Will recommend you to all my clients and use on our personal properties.

Jennifer James

As a home inspector, I greatly appreciate the quality of work and professionalism that I see from United Structural Systems. This is a top-notch company that stands behind their work. It is easy for me to recommend to my clients facing potentially costly repairs a company that will provide the best service and the best quality on the market.

Tim Fuller, Fuller Home Inspection

I almost always can tell, when I get inside a crawlspace or basement, the scope of repair work performed and oftentimes I am dismayed. However, USS has serviced many foundations and structures in my market and I have never, to date, come across a structure documented as being serviced by USS that was deficient in repairs performed, nor in site management. Repairs of this nature are not inexpensive. Consumers need to know what they are paying for and need a guarantee for work performed. From what homeowners have told me, and from what I have seen in my decade-plus tenure, USS is a solid choice for quality.

Greg Johns, WIN Home Inspection

Through Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association, I have had the pleasure of getting to know United Structural Systems through not only their exceptional level of performance when it comes to all things structural in the residential home market, but also, the level of knowledge that they expect and receive from the professionals they employ. They have presented continuing education to our organization several times through the years and I have never failed to gain a good bit of practical, useful knowledge, as it applies to my profession as a home inspector.

Clients that have been directed to USS through members of our organization have had nothing but the highest praise for the skill, professionalism and fair pricing they receive. I would recommend USS any day to a client of mine knowing that their performance will do nothing but reflect well on me as the referring party.

Melanie Crabtree, Certified Master Inspector TN lic.#841

USS has saved me a lot of time and money. They are honest and fast.

Shannon Hazlett, Copper Key Realty & Management

Top notch service and communication as always!

Dana Tiblier, Association Manager for the Board of Directors, Dana Tiblier Management Services, Inc. (Madison, TN)

USS is a first-class company that truly values their customers. We have used them for numerous repairs, large and small, for several properties we manage and have been extremely pleased. They are always prompt in addressing their customers’ needs, and their pricing is typically very competitive. USS also stands behind their warranties and is always glad to return without hesitation if concerns/issues arise in the future. They have been a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of structural/foundation repairs.

David Floyd III, Vice President, David Floyd & Associates, Inc. (Brentwood, TN)

I have been dealing with USS for years, especially with Aaron Wolfe and Michele Benck. They are fast, courteous and actually answer the phone and follow up. Being in the property management business, vendors like that are VERY hard to come by. The work quality is outstanding and when I needed hand holding through a project, they were there for me and guided me to the best solution to rectify the issues at hand.

Michele is especially great at follow up and getting the work started and Aaron is the driving force to see the job through. This quality of service is rare these days and makes my job a whole lot easier. You get a good bang for your dollar too. They might not be the least expensive in town but with them, you get way more than what you pay for.

From small jobs to big ones, they will treat you like you are the only customer they have. The lifetime warranty is no joke either. They actually do adjustments as a part of their warranty service and are prompt. Service after the sale, what a concept. All in all, you cannot go wrong with USS. Also, give Aaron and Michele with USS a call. You will not be sorry you did.

Billy Heming, Vice President of IT, Communications and Community Association Manager, Timmons Properties (Nashville, TN)

We contacted USS to come out and give an estimate for fixing fallen concrete around our neighborhood pool. Jason, the product manager came out and was very informative about his recommendation and what he would include in the quote. The quote was very reasonable so we awarded them the job. The work was scheduled very quickly and professionally. They checked with us a couple times to confirm the date and time we could expect them. On the day of the job, Evan the technician was right on time and ready to work. He did a great job and walked us around the work to make sure we were pleased with the job and his workmanship. If I ever need this type of work again, I will definitely call on USS again. Great job!!!

Norm Reggi, Stratford Park HOA (Gallatin, TN)
I have worked personally with USS for over 18 years. I find them to be honest and reliable, with excellent communication throughout the process from bid to completion. They have tackled large and complicated foundation repair projects with ease. I highly recommend USS.
Dana Tiblier, Association Manager for the Board of Directors, Dana Tiblier Management Services, Inc. (Madison, TN)
  • USS Client Testimonial – Allen Weller Video

    USS Client Testimonial – Allen Weller

    Allen Weller tells us how USS helped save his basement from water and repaired his foundation. Mr. Weller contact USS for basement stabilization after water intrusion led to the buckling and bowing of his basement wall. If you would like to learn more about basement stabilization or waterproofing, please visit:

    This home we’ve owned for 26 years.

    It’s a 1973 home, so it’s 41 years old.

    So we knew downstairs in our basement we had some problems,

    because during the winter particularly when the ground would get soaked,

    we have this basement area and we’d have water that would come in.

    The wall was buckling. You could see where the water was coming in,

    and even the block had pushed off

    the foundation about 1 or 2 inches.

    Over the 40 years, the hillside in front of us had pushed

    the dirt against the foundation and it was

    basically just pushing the house off of the foundation.

    So my wife and I said, look this is where we’re going to live until we die,

    that’s our retirement home.

    So we said, we need to get it fixed, and we need to fix it right.

    I stopped one day and asked our neighbor,

    you know, you had USS. Tell me about the work they did.

    And they said, well they did a great job. And I looked at the Better Business Bureau.

    There was the A+ rating.

    So I thought, this is good. When the project manager came out,

    he was such a great,

    just a really good man, just a wonderful personality.

    He was just such a personable person to work with, and that was so great.

    It was so nice to know that I wasn’t just a customer,

    but it was like I was, you know, being treated by a friend.

    So I had confidence in him. So the project manager gave me

    the confident feeling that I was not just working with somebody who was going to say,

    well let’s see how much we can get out of him,

    but was going to actually tell me

    what I needed to do, and give me the best estimate

    or something that would actually do the job.

    It’s nice to know that when it rained yesterday that I didn’t have to

    go down and find any water.

    It’s totally dry. I went down there this morning- absolutely, completely dry.

  • USS Customer Testimonial – Ken Adams Video

    USS Customer Testimonial – Ken Adams

    Homeowner Ken Adams describes his USS crawl space waterproofing experience.

    Crawl space waterproofing is a process of protecting your crawl space from water intrusion through water management.

    Some options could include exterior drains, interior drains, a sump pump system, vapor barriers or encapsulation.

    An exterior drain system can help move water away from your home’s foundation with the use of grading, drains, drainage board and waterproofing membranes, gutters, downspout extensions and more before it reaches the interior of the crawl space.

    An interior drain system captures water alongside the foundation and routes that water away. Water is forced out via a gravity drain or a sump pump system and to a discharge point outside for the crawl space.

    Sometimes an exterior drain system is used with an interior drain system. A USS project manager can visit your home and inspect your crawl space, and create a comprehensive waterproofing and water management repair plan for your home.

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