USS Basement Waterproofing Solutions to Keep You Dry

Whether the home you’ve lived in for years has started leaking in the basement after heavy rain or you have new construction you want to protect, our reliable drainage systems go far beyond basic basement leak repair—you’ll have a guaranteed dry basement with a total basement waterproofing system by USS.

The Two Top Solutions for Basement Waterproofing

When deciding how to waterproof your basement, you’ll be faced with several options for preventing excess moisture and flooding. There are two main ways to waterproof a basement: interior drain systems or exterior water management systems. Interior drain systems pump out water that makes its way into your basement, while exterior drain systems divert groundwater away from your home.

Both basement waterproofing approaches can be effective, depending on the type of property, location, and cause of your wet basement. You can learn more about the causes of a wet basement on our Basement Waterproofing page.

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Which Basement Waterproofing System Should You Choose?

Both interior and exterior basement waterproofing systems are extremely effective, but their effectiveness will be determined by the type of property they are being installed in. Our expert basement waterproofing contractors can assess your property and work with your needs to come to the best waterproofing solution.

Waterproofing with Interior Drain Tile Systems

If you have ever wondered whether you can seal your basement from the inside, the answer is yes. Interior drain tile systems are installed inside your home and are designed to take groundwater that may intrude into your basement and route it to a low point, where a sump pump removes it via a discharge line. This basement waterproofing technique keeps your basement dry and protects your foundation, and our interior drain tile systems come with lifetime warranties. Many individuals with unfinished basements find interior drain tile systems to be an excellent choice for their basement waterproofing system.

Waterproofing with Exterior French Drain Systems

Exterior drain systems are landscaping projects that consist of gravel-filled trenches with water-diverting pipes that direct groundwater away from your home. These can be referred to as a French drain or a trench drain. Fun fact, they’re not called French drains because they come from France, but because Henry French wrote a book about this system of drainage in 1860 that led to its widespread use for directing water in agriculture. Today it remains one of the most extensively used methods of water direction. Investing in an exterior drainage system is a good way of protecting finished basements from any water intrusion whatsoever.

Whether your solution is indoor drain tile or outdoor French drainage systems, basement waterproofing will prevent unwanted water from leaking into your basement and causing damage to your home. Wet basements can cause a slew of problems, from musty smells to bigger structural issues that can compromise your entire home.

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How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

The average cost of waterproofing a basement varies greatly, which is why we provide FREE estimates on our work. Rather than give you an inaccurate guess on a cost based on square footage, we will assess your needs and work with you to determine the system that will fit your needs and your budget. Basement waterproofing costs will be determined by what method of basement waterproofing your home or business requires, the square footage of your basement, whether or not additional repairs and excavations will be required, the needed materials, and more. The key thing to remember is that basement waterproofing is a valuable home repair to make. Nearly all experts will agree that your return on investment will be well worth the cost of having a basement waterproofing system installed.

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