Sinking Concrete Drowning Summer Plans?

Published On: June 21, 2022

Got summer plans for a new listing? Before opening a house with a pool to the public for viewing, look closely at the concrete sidewalks and concrete pool deck. Sinking concrete can drown summer plans of a sale by creating unsightly spaces and causing trip hazards. But there is an easy fix! Concrete sidewalks and concrete pool decks can be lifted, without the cost of full concrete replacement. This article will point out the repairable conditions and spaces you may want to check before posting your client’s property this summer and how simple it is to improve the concrete cracks, sinking concrete, or leaning concrete steps—anything less than perfect—that you may find around their home.

Trip hazards are the worst, especially if you plan to invite guests. Don’t ignore unlevel concrete, especially near a swimming pool. The dangers of tripping near water are much more serious than other uneven concrete places your clients may have around their home. Below are some of the common areas you should check for unlevel concrete or cracked concrete outside the home:

  • Concrete sidewalks. The easiest problems to spot are cracks in concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios, and concrete slabs. Not so obvious hairline cracks and sinking concrete may eventually become large concrete cracks.
  • Concrete pool surround. Check the outer edge of the swimming pool surround. Do you see a difference in height between the pool surround and the aggregate or concrete slab as you move in one direction, left or right? If the distance between the concrete and the top of the pool surround increases as you move in one direction, this may be a sign of sinking concrete.
  • Pool deck concrete. Does the concrete pool deck have cracks in it or have the concrete edges separated from the pool edge? This may also be a sign that the concrete around the pool is settling.
  • Contraction or control joints. Check the lines, or control joints, in your concrete where the sections meet. If one side is lower than the other, you have uneven concrete. Any difference in height between the contraction joints denotes sinking concrete.
  • Concrete steps. If the concrete steps have separated from the porch, or if you notice leaning concrete steps, the concrete needs the attention of a concrete leveling company to develop a repair plan to help prevent falls.
  • Concrete driveways. An uneven concrete driveway with cracks or unlevel concrete joints is the first thing guests see and step on when arriving.
  • Concrete slabs near trees. As trees grow, so do their roots. Tree roots can disrupt and cause cracks in the concrete itself as well as disturb the soil beneath a concrete slab, causing concrete to settle.
  • Voids beneath concrete. This void is an empty space beneath concrete sidewalks and driveways that allows water to flow, erosion to increase, and concrete to settle, crack, and become uneven concrete.

Once you have completed a thorough concrete inspection of the property and the exterior concrete spaces, let’s say you’ve found a problem area that needs concrete repair. Now what? It’s simple. Concrete lifting, also known as concrete leveling, with polyurethane foam injection. It’s a quick solution that is as noninvasive as it gets. Once your clients complete the concrete repair appointment, agree to the repair plan, and schedule the poly repair, they can experience the result of even concrete the same day. You and your customers can even walk on the lifted concrete within 30 minutes of when a concrete lifting company like USS completes the poly repair.

Polyurethane foam injection, or polylift, is a much better solution than replacing an entire area of concrete when there are cracks in concrete or a section of uneven concrete. Why?

  • Lower Cost. Concrete lifting costs less than full concrete replacement.
  • Durability. Polylift is a proven, durable solution made to last.
  • Transferable Warranty. Most USS poly repairs come with a five-year warranty against future settlement which transfer to future homeowners at no cost.
  • Noninvasive. No excavation is needed for polylift concrete repairs. Unlike full concrete replacement, it is rare that the process damages landscaping.
  • Fast. Homeowners may walk on repaired concrete within 30 minutes.
  • Environmentally friendly. Poly foam is made with recycled materials.

Expect the best when scheduling a concrete leveling repair appointment with USS. When working with us you can expect to:

  • Schedule an appointment by calling our Customer Care Center or submitting a webform through our website.
  • Receive a free consultation in person with one of our project managers who will review concerns, repair expectations, and the area of repair.
  • Receive a free written estimate by email within 24 hours of the onsite visit.
  • Schedule repairs with our Scheduling Dept once your client agrees to the quote.
  • Meet the poly project foreman the day of the repairs.
  • Pay upon completion of repairs (and even through escrow if agreed to by both parties).
  • Receive the warranty certificate within one week of payment.
  • Have the opportunity to provide valued feedback to USS as well as a review.

We stand by our work, our workmanship, and our warranties, and value you as a customer, which is why appointments during our busy season sometimes have a wait. But believe us when we say, we have no doubt that USS is worth the wait for your client’s concrete repair!

With a process that is warrantied, and several benefits listed, what are you and your clients waiting for? Keep prospective buyers from tripping over uneven concrete and your summer plans from drowning because of unsightly concrete cracks. Call the concrete repair experts at USS to schedule a poly repair today!

Let’s get started!

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