When Dry Soil Causes Settlement

Published On: July 29, 2022

Summer Heat and Dry Soil: Causes of Foundation Settlement

As the summer months roll in, the combination of heat and lack of rainfall can lead to a range of issues for property managers, including foundation settlement and cracks in bricks. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this and provide solutions for diagnosing and repairing the damage.

The Effects of Dry Soil on Foundations

As the soil becomes drier and dehydrated, it can begin to crack and split, much like dry skin. When this happens, it creates air pockets in the ground, which can cause the building to shift and settle. This can lead to foundation stair step cracks and cracks in brick walls.

Exterior Signs of Settlement

Exterior Signs of Settlement

If you notice cracks in the dirt around your building or gaps between the dry ground and the foundation, it’s likely that there are air pockets forming in the soil beneath the structure. As the soil moves, the building will settle unevenly, leading to vertical or horizontal cracks in brick and foundation blocks.

Vertical Crack in Brick
Horizontal Crack Brick

Diagnosing the Problem

When it comes to foundation settlement, it’s important to diagnose the issue correctly. This will help to determine the best course of action for repair. Signs of settlement can include cracks in the foundation block, cracks in brick walls, uneven floors, and doors or windows that don’t close properly. If you notice any of these issues, it’s important to contact a professional foundation repair company to diagnose and repair the damage.

The Solution: Underpinning

One of the most effective solutions for foundation settlement is underpinning. This involves installing steel foundation piers that are hydraulically driven deep into the ground until they reach more stable soil or bedrock. The piers are then attached to metal brackets that are connected to the foundation. This not only stops further settlement but also strengthens the structure by providing additional support for its load. Underpinning comes with a lifetime warranty and can significantly improve the integrity, strength, and reliability of the foundation.

Foundation settlement caused by dry soil is a common issue for property managers in Nashville during the summer months. By recognizing the signs of foundation damage and contacting a professional foundation repair company to diagnose and repair the issue, property managers can prevent further damage and help ensure the safety of their tenants. Underpinning is the most effective solution for foundation settlement and can provide a lifetime of protection for your building.

Vertical and Horizontal Cracks in Bricks: A Solution for Foundation Settlement

Expansive soil causes a constant shift in the earth’s composition. When dry, the soil shrinks, cracks, and settles, but when oversaturated with water, it expands, causing settlement and foundation problems. This catch-22 situation emphasizes the importance of foundation repair with a lifetime guarantee.

If your property in Nashville is experiencing settlement from the shrinkage of dry, expansive soil, underpinning with stronger materials like USS steel foundation piers is the most effective way to secure it. Foundation pier installation not only stops further house settlement, but it also strengthens the structure. Steel pier metal brackets attach to the foundation and are driven deep into the ground, giving the structure added support for its load and a new, solid foundation. Despite the changing dirt surrounding your property, steel pier installation improves the integrity, strength, and reliability of your foundation.

Pier Installation Process

Stop the foundation settlement caused by dry, summer soil with USS lifetime-warrantied steel pier installation in Nashville. If you manage a property in Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, or Northern Alabama and experience bricks cracking, cracks in the foundation block, or foundation settlement, contact USS today for a free estimate. We can help you strengthen the integrity of your foundation and provide peace of mind as the seasons change.

Horizontal and vertical cracks in bricks are signs of foundation settlement, which can lead to serious structural damage if left unaddressed. USS’s pier installation process provides a permanent solution for foundation settlement and protects your property against future damage. Don’t wait until it’s too late; get in touch with USS for a free estimate and secure the foundation of your property today.

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