Basement Waterproofing

Excess moisture that damages foundations and destroys homes almost always begins in the basement. It can sometimes go undetected for long periods of time. As soon as you do see signs of moisture damage in the basement, it’s best to act immediately.

The problem isn’t going to solve itself. Basements don’t dry up on their own. Instead of allowing the problem in your basement to get worse, contact United Structural Systems, so we can install proper drainage and waterproof it for the future.

How Water Gets Into Your Basement

Excess groundwater is the most common cause for moisture to collect in your basement. This groundwater causes hydrostatic pressure, which exerts more and more force on your foundation walls until they finally crack and the water seeps in.

A nearby plumbing leak, a heavy downpour, or a poorly planned drainage system can all exacerbate the issue. Unless you take preventive measures, water will eventually seep into your basement and damage it.

Sometimes downspouts do not effectively direct rainwater away from your home and foundation due to damage or poor installation. This, along with leaky window wells, can contribute to hydrostatic pressures by depositing moisture directly into the ground around your foundation.

Symptoms of Moisture Problems

You can look for several telltale signs of moisture in your basement. Things to watch out for include cracks in the walls, mold, wood rot, musty odors, and mildew growth. You may even notice increased allergy symptoms or increased energy bills in general. Our crawlspace waterproofing contractors in Bowling Green can walk you through all your problem areas and fix the issues within your home.

How We Can Waterproof Your Basement

Using an interior drainage system, we can protect your basement from water damage, effectively collecting and dispelling moisture from your home. If water does make its way inside your basement, a sump pump and perimeter drainage system work in conjunction to prevent water from pooling and causing damage to your basement and belongings. Our crawlspace and basement waterproofing contractors service the Bowling Green area.

Free Estimates on Basement Waterproofing in Bowling Green, KY

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