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Your home’s patio is supposed to be a usable extension of your living space, but if your patio is sinking, cracking, or otherwise damaged, you’re probably not making the most out of it. If you are tired of tripping over your patio stairs or dealing with the poor water drainage on your settled patio, USS is here for you. We are proud to be a leader in concrete patio leveling services for the Bowling Green community, and our concrete lifting contractors have the most durable, cost-effective repair solutions on the market today.

What Is The Polylift Repair Method?

A concrete patio can be a great place to gather with friends and family or grill up a delicious dinner, but it’s important that your patio be safe and secure. Concrete has a tendency to sink or settle over time, and this can lead to an uneven surface and tripping hazards. The main reason why concrete slabs sink is underlying soil problems, where erosion or washout has created air pockets. This leads to inadequate support of the heavy concrete. Most concrete patio leveling services use methods in Bowling Green that don’t address this root cause, but Polylift does. Polylift uses a eco-friendly polyurethane foam that expands to gently lift your concrete patio.

Instead of jumping to rip out and replace your concrete patio, let us see if you’d be a good candidate for Polylift! Total slab replacement is messy, time-consuming, and expensive, but Polylift can deliver lasting results without the hassle. The foam is injected underneath the patio slab through small surface holes, expanding to fill any air pockets and prevent future settling. The foam cures in as little as 15 minutes, giving you access to your patio that same day! USS is proud to use Polylift for our concrete patio leveling services in Bowling Green. Let our concrete lifting contractors save you money and headaches over the long run!

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