Crawl Space Waterproofing

You might be surprised how long water and moisture build-up can go unnoticed in your home’s crawl space. With so much time to do its work, moisture can wreak havoc before you are even aware of it. The longer it goes unchecked, the worse it gets.

This moisture accumulation leads to all kinds of problems and reduces your home’s air quality through mold and mildew. Wood rot can destroy your floor joists and floorboards. Perhaps most unsettling, constant moisture in your crawl space attracts rodents and wood-eating insects that move in and take over.

The best answer is to act quickly and decisively to deal with the moisture in your home’s crawl space. That’s when you bring in professional help from the reliable waterproofing experts at United Structural Systems. Using the latest products and technologies, we’ll fix your damaged foundation and shield your crawl space from future water damage.

Murfreesboro TN Crawlspace Waterproofing & Vapor Barrier Installation

Drainage Systems

One of the ways we capture and redirect water from your home’s foundation is with a perimeter drainage system. We use interior drainage systems to make sure your crawl space stays free of moisture. This ensures maximum drainage away from the house, helping keep your crawl space dry and secure. We offer the Bowling Green area crawlspace waterproofing, home services, and repairs.

Sump Pumps

Once we’ve installed effective drainage systems, we’ll put in a sump pump as the next level of defense. In the case of flooding or moisture penetration, excess water is pumped out of the house and away from your foundation. This helps keep water from pooling in your crawl space and causing damage.

Additional Area Waterproofing

Our ultimate goal is to rid your crawl space of any groundwater present. We use several reliable, proven industry techniques, as well as the latest technology to protect your crawl space and your home’s foundation. These new technologies allow us to control your crawl space’s moisture levels more effectively than ever before.

Free Estimates on Crawl Space Waterproofing in Bowling Green, KY

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