Did you know that one of the biggest threats to your foundation is the soil that surrounds it? And depending on the type of soil you have on your property, this can create potentially serious foundation problems over time. Expansive soil, which is rich in clay, can easily take on a lot of moisture and can exert tremendous inward pressure on your foundation. Here at United Structural Systems, we’ve witnessed the damage that expansive soil does to Bowling Green homes. And thankfully, we have the most reliable, cost-effective solutions to these types of issues!

How Expansive Soil Affects Your Foundation

Expansive soil can increase in volume by over 10% when they get wet, either through natural precipitation or flooding from a plumbing malfunction. As these soils grow, they create increased hydrostatic pressure which pushes on your foundation walls, with an excessive 20,000 pounds per square foot. If you don’t have the right reinforcements in place, you could see things like bowing walls, cracks or tilting in the walls, water infiltration, and even total structural collapse. Our foundation damage contractors in Bowling Green are equipped to help you restore stability to your home after expansive soil damage occurs.

Additionally, expansive soil types not only grow with moisture, they also shrink when they’re dry. Dry soil can create structural shifts in your home and can lead to erosion and air pocket formation, which creates instability in the soil that supports your home or business. The continual cycle of expansion and contraction over the seasons can cause wear and tear, especially in an area like Bowling Green, where expansive soil is common due to extreme ups and downs in weather patterns.

Vertical Crack in Brick

USS Can Help Reinforce Your Home Against Expansive Soil

While you can’t do anything about the expansive soil in Bowling Green, you can take precautions to reinforce your home and boost the resilience of your foundation against soil-related forces. And it’s better to do this sooner rather than later! Don’t wait until your foundation walls are seriously damaged.

Our team of Bowling Green foundation damage contractors may suggest any combination of waterproofing, drainage systems, basement stabilization, or even foundation piers, to restore or preserve your structural integrity. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate!

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