Sinkhole Repair in Bowling Green, KY

When you think of a sinkhole, how big do you imagine it to be? Is it just a small tripping hazard or could it devour your entire home? In truth, both of these are possibilities. Thankfully, the trusted experts at United Structural Systems can handle just about any sinkhole. Trust our expert team with your sinkhole repair services in Bowling Green. Curious about sinkhole inspections and costs? Our team is ready to answer all your questions.

What is a Sinkhole?

Imagine there is a large rock or boulder packed under the soil in front of your home. As groundwater flows over the rock, it erodes and eventually breaks down completely. This creates a sinkhole.

As the rock erodes away, it leaves an empty space behind. Soil inevitably starts to fall into this void, and as more soil washes down, the space moves toward the surface until it becomes a sinkhole.

How Do Sinkholes Form in Bowling Green, KY?

This can be a real problem when the bedrock is made of soluble limestone and dolostone. This composition, along with cycles of heavy rains and droughts, contribute to sinkhole development. These natural features in the karst area, along with poor drainage planning and improper grading, can cause sinkholes to form anywhere.

Tennessee Sinkhole Repair Services: Sinkhole Inspection & Cost

Sinkhole Warning Signs

If sinkholes on your property are a concern, here are some warning indicators to look out for. If you see trees or fence posts that are tilting, depressions in the ground that weren’t there before, or newly formed cracks in the ground, it could be a sign of a growing sinkhole.

If you find fresh cracks in the foundations of houses and buildings or note the sudden and rapid appearance of a hole in the ground, these are also symptoms of a sinkhole on your property. We are the professionals that know how to handle sinkhole repairs and services in Bowling Green, call us for a sinkhole inspection and cost quote.

How We Repair Sinkholes

When you call our sinkhole repair experts, we often perform what’s called an inverted cone filter repair. First, we excavate the area to expose the hole in the bedrock and carefully pack it with appropriately sized rocks. Then, we line the excavated area with nongovernmental geotextile fabric.
After that, the sinkhole is filled with clean #57 gravel almost to ground level and packed down. The geotextile fabric is laid over the gravel, and that is covered with the soil from excavation. We may also consider solutions that route water sources away from the affected area.

Tennessee Sinkhole Repair Services: Sinkhole Inspection & Cost

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