When it comes to your peace of mind, a sump pump is a priceless piece of equipment to have in your home. Paired with an interior drain system, a sump pump can act as backup insurance to help prevent flooding due to plumbing failure or foundation damage-related water infiltration. Here at USS, we’re most experienced in installation and repair for interior drain systems with sump pumps in Bowling Green, and we can take great care of you!

What is a sump pump and how does it work?

Sump pumps are small pumps installed in the lowest areas of your home — typically basements or crawl spaces. Most often they are set into a “sump pit,” which is where unwanted water is directed by an interior drainage system and collected. As water fills the pit, it automatically triggers the pump to drain the water to the outside and away from your foundation. Our team can help you install a drainage system in Bowling Green that will protect your foundation from damage.

Do you need a sump pump?

Even if you don’t think you are susceptible to water damage, a sump pump combined with an interior drain system is a key investment toward protecting the comfort and longevity of your home. Many houses in the area have too much moisture in their basements or crawl spaces. One of our Bowling Green basement waterproofing experts can help you determine the extent of your water risk and will explain how an interior drainage system with a sump pump or gravity drain can help ensure that your home remains dry.

We particularly recommend interior drain and sump pump installation in these cases:

  • Your home sits at the bottom of a hill
  • Your basement is finished
  • You store valuable items in your basement
  • Your basement is prone to flooding
  • You live in an area with significant snow or rainfall

Interior drainage systems with sump pumps are an essential part of a comprehensive waterproofing strategy to help keep your home dry and stable.

Repair and Replacement for Sump Pumps in Bowling Green

USS is proud to offer warrantied repair and replacement when needed for our interior drainage systems and installation for sump pumps in Bowling Green. If you suspect that your USS pump system is malfunctioning, don’t wait until it’s too late. Give us a call! Whether it’s the battery, the sump pit, or the pump itself, you can rely on our warranty department to get it fixed as soon as possible. Our team of Bowling Green sump pump experts is standing by. Reach out to USS today for all your interior drainage and sump pump needs and schedule your Free Inspection and Estimate for a personalized waterproofing plan for your home!

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