Bowing Wall Repair

If you recently visited your basement only to find that the foundation walls now tilt inward, you may have a serious issue with your foundation. Don’t panic! United Structural Systems foundation specialists have the expertise and products necessary to repair your bowing walls.

What Causes Bowing Walls?

Bowing foundation walls are caused by hydrostatic pressure. The soil around your foundation can expand and swell when it is saturated with water, and it can expand even further if the water freezes. This expansion creates lateral pressure, pushing against your foundation walls and forcing them to bow inward.

Unfortunately, foundation walls are only designed to handle vertical loads. They are not strong enough to withstand the pressure from swelling soils.

The hydrostatic pressure around your home can cause foundation walls to crack and bow inward over time. Your walls could even collapse if you don’t address the problem quickly enough.

How We Repair Bowing Walls

A support system that can withstand the lateral pressures is the best way to fix bowing walls. Our crew can create a custom solution to any bowing wall issue using carbon fiber straps or steel I-beams.

These solutions are more cost-effective than external anchors, and they offer excellent support against lateral forces. This will ensure that your home has the support it needs without disturbing the surrounding property.

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