Concrete Driveway Leveling

Has your driveway seen better days? Are you tired of looking at the sinking, cracking, tilting concrete in front of your house? A damaged driveway can seriously detract from the appearance and value of your home and can be a serious liability as well. Here at USS, we’re proud to offer concrete driveway leveling and repair services in Brentwood with innovative concrete lifting techniques… Don’t let yourself get sold on an expensive and invasive driveway replacement—there are better options out there than ripping everything out and pouring a new slab. We use an advanced concrete lifting method that is fast, clean, and effective!

Driveway settling is nothing unusual, and most concrete slabs tend to sink over time. This is most often due to the condition of the soil underneath the slab. Sometimes the soil wasn’t adequately compacted before the concrete was poured, and/or the soil has experienced too many fluctuations in moisture leading to settling. Concrete also shrinks slightly after pouring. Plus, you’ve got heavy cars moving across the slab. All of this together can result in sinking, settling, tilting, and cracking. If your driveway is in rough shape, send an SOS to USS. We use the most effective method for concrete driveway leveling and repair in Brentwood—the Polylift concrete driveway lifting system.

Polylift is a fast and efficient way to lift and stabilize any concrete slab, delivering lasting results in a matter of minutes. Our team of concrete driveway lifting experts in Brentwood will make tiny holes in your driveway, through which they will inject an expanding polyurethane foam mixture. As the foam expands, it fills in voids and hardens into an extremely durable structure. We can accurately lift your driveway in just 30 minutes, without the need for major demolition. Polylift can save you time, money, and hassle.

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