Concrete Leveling

Uneven concrete slabs can be both dangerous and unsightly. People can easily trip over uneven concrete slabs, leading to accidents and injuries. Uneven concrete can be found anywhere around your home: driveway, garage floor, sidewalks, pool deck, and more. We can help! Our concrete leveling and repair team in Brentwood are skilled experts.

United Structural Systems is the first place you should call if you find uneven concrete around your home. Our concrete leveling specialists can quickly and cleanly return concrete to its original level.

What Causes Concrete to Become Uneven?

It is typically the soil underneath your concrete that is responsible for unevenness. It is common for the soil beneath concrete to naturally shift, settle, or wash away, leaving behind empty spaces. Concrete will sink and settle if it has no support. At USS we offer lifting services to the Brentwood area that help concrete leveling and repairs run smoothly and quickly.

Frost heave is another common cause. Frost heave occurs when the moisture content of the support soil freezes. This causes the soil to expand and lift concrete slabs until they are no longer level.

What is Polylift?

The Polylift concrete leveling system uses polyurethane foam to correct and support uneven concrete. The system is quick and easy to install, with minimal impact on the concrete slab’s structural integrity. Call our Brentwood team to discuss a Polylift and how our concrete leveling can help your home.

How We Can Level Your Concrete

We drill small holes in the concrete slabs as the first step in restoring concrete to its original level. Next, we inject a special polyurethane foam through those holes. It expands rapidly until the slab is supported fully.

Polylift provides a precise lift without the need for excavation, and the polyurethane foam is made from 39 to 49% of recycled materials. You won’t need to worry about uneven concrete after our professional installation.

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