The soil surrounding your home may look innocuous, but it can actually be a major threat to the stability of your foundation. Expansive soil is typically rich in clay, which easily takes on moisture and can exert tremendous hydrostatic pressure which can result in a host of structural issues. United Structural Systems is a trusted leader for foundation reinforcement and repair in Brentwood, and we’ve seen the problems these soils can create. We have reliable, effective solutions for expansive soil in Brentwood that you can count on!

How Expansive Soil Affects Your Foundation

When expansive soil in Brentwood gets wet, from either precipitation or flooding, it can increase in volume by 10% or more. When this happens, the pressure from the soil against your foundation walls can increase, on average around 20,000 pounds per square foot. This inward pressure will cause your walls to bow, bulge, tilt, or crack, and put your house at risk for water infiltration which could even result in total foundation collapse unless you have the right reinforcements in place!

Not only does expansive soil grow when it comes in contact with water, it also contracts when it dries out. And this dryness will also cause structural shifts in your home and may lead to the formation of air pockets and erosion in the soil. Plus, repeated wet and dry cycles throughout the years can cause additional wear and tear from expansive soils on your Brentwood foundation.

Vertical crack in brick

USS Can Help Reinforce Your Home Against Expansive Soil

There’s not much you can do about the type of soil that surrounds your home, but you can take steps to reinforce your foundation in Brentwood against expansive soil. It’s wise to do this as soon as possible before you have major foundation damage on your hands. But even if you are already seeing signs of damage to your foundation, you can count on USS to help.

Our Brentwood expansive soil experts will recommend the best options for your home, which may include drainage systems, waterproofing, wall stabilization, or foundation piers to ensure optimal structural strength. Reach out to us today and ask for your free, no-obligation estimate to begin!

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