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Are you feeling something off about your floors? Are your floors feeling uneven lately? It can be quite an unexpected surprise to discover that your floors are not level.

It’s possible you are wondering what happened or how we can help. You’re lucky to have found United Structural Systems. Our team is equipped with the structural products and the knowledge necessary to provide foundation and floor support solutions in Brentwood that last.

Why Your Floors Are Uneven

Uneven floors can often indicate a major shift in your home’s structural integrity. This is a serious problem, but we can correct it before it becomes worse. There are many reasons why floors can become uneven. It’s possible your floors don’t have enough support to hold up as well as they once did. Your home may need foundation and floor support and our Brentwood team can help.


Your floors can be affected by moisture issues in below-grade areas like crawl spaces and basements. Wood rot and mold can cause damage to the floor support joists if enough moisture is allowed into your crawl space or basement.

Pest Infestation

Wood-eating pests regularly make their way into homes through the crawl space or basement. They build nests near moisture sources and feed on floor support beams and joists.

Settling Soil

Foundation settlement can shift your home’s structure from the bottom to its top causing a multitude of issues. When the soil under your home settles, the movement of your foundation can result in walls and support beams pulling apart or compressing. This shifting is often the cause of uneven floors. The foundation settlement must be addressed in order to properly level your floors again.

United Structural Systems Can Fix Your Floors

The United Structural Systems team can correct the root cause of uneven floors and provide the support your floors need. Do not wait to solve the problem. The more you delay, the more serious it will become. In a potential worst-case scenario, your floors may collapse if you wait too long.

Free Estimates on Floor Support in Brentwood, TN

For a free estimate on your foundation and floor supports in Brentwood, call United Structural Systems for your floor repairs and service needs

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