Sinkhole Repair in Brentwood, TN

When you imagine a sinkhole, how large do you think it can be? Small enough to trip over or large enough to swallow an entire house? Both options are real hazards that can form in Tennessee. Thankfully, the experts at United Structural Systems are able to repair any size sinkhole, so that you don’t need to worry about how big it could be.

What is a Sinkhole?

To understand sinkholes, you must imagine a large rock under your soil. Groundwater slowly erodes that rock as the water moves around it. That rock may eventually dissolve completely.

When this happens, a large empty space or void is left behind. This means that the soil, which was once above the rock, no longer has any support. The soil will eventually collapse to fill in the space below. This is called a sinkhole. Our team offers sinkhole repair services to Brentwood, call us for a sinkhole inspection and cost quote.

How Do Sinkholes Form in Brentwood, TN?

The majority of Tennessee’s land is made up of dolostone and limestone bedrock, both easily dissolvable by water. Sinkhole formation becomes a major problem due to heavy rainfall followed by droughts. Incorrect grading could allow water to seep into the subgrade. Sinkholes can also form from water leakage in the karst area.

Tennessee Sinkhole Repair Services: Sinkhole Inspection & Cost

Sinkhole Warning Signs

You should first look out for signs that sinkholes could be occurring on your property. A sinkhole could be developing if you notice new or unusual depressions in your yard, ground cracks, or tilting trees and fence posts.

You might already have a sinkhole if your foundation suddenly cracks or there are obvious holes in the ground.

How We Repair Sinkholes

First, we excavate the area where the sinkhole enters the rock. The next step is to close the sinkhole’s “throat” using proportionally sized stones. Finally, we line the excavation with non-governmental geotextile fabric. The sinkhole repair services from our Brentwood team can help restore your home and property.

Next, we backfill with #57 gravel, to within a few feet of the surface. The geotextile fabric is then folded over the gravel, and we backfill with previously excavated soil. We also consider managing and redirecting any water sources in the area.

This method is known as inverted cone filter repair.

Tennessee Sinkhole Repair Services: Sinkhole Inspection & Cost

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