Bowing Wall Repair

Have you descended the stairs to your basement only to find that your walls are visibly bowing inward? This could indicate that your home has serious foundation issues, but don’t panic! Our bowing wall repair services in Clarksville can help you repair your foundation walls, and our team of trusted experts will pick the right solution for your home.

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What Causes Bowing Walls?

The main reason for foundation walls bowing is hydrostatic pressure. If the soil surrounding your foundation is saturated with water, it can swell and expand. This water can expand even further when it freezes. The expansion’s pressure on your foundation walls is lateral and it forces them to bow inward.

The problem with foundation walls is that they are made to only handle vertical loads. They aren’t strong enough for the severe pressures of swelling soils.

Hydrostatic pressure will eventually crack foundation walls in your Clarksville home, and cause them to tilt or bow inward. If the problem isn’t addressed quickly, your walls may collapse.

How We Repair Bowing Walls

Repairing bowing walls requires an effective support system to help them resist lateral forces. Our team offers cracked foundation and bowing wall repair services to the Clarksville area, and is able to solve any issue related to bowing walls with steel I-beams and carbon fiber straps.

These solutions require less disruption to your surrounding property than traditional external anchors.

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