Foundation Repair

It’s important to find foundation repair professionals that you can trust if you find that your foundation is damaged. United Structural Systems employs foundation repair experts in Clarksville with years of experience who can do the job right.

Symptoms of Foundation Damage

Figuring out if your home is suffering foundation damage is only part of the process. If you think your home has foundation issues, you should look out for these telltale signs.

Dependable Repair Solutions

Our trusted foundation service experts in Clarksville use industry-proven foundation repair products to quickly repair your foundation.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are constructed from long steel rods which are welded to helical blades. These piers serve to support lighter structures while preventing foundation settlement. They are mechanically driven into the earth until the competent strata are reached. Once there, they transfer weight from the structure onto the stable soil below.

Steel Push Piers

Our steel push piers are reliable and long-lasting support for heavier structures. Push piers drive deep into the soil to reach bedrock or the point at which they can support weight. Foundation settlement becomes a problem of the past once the weight of your home is transferred from the soil to the strata below using push piers.

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If your Clarksville home’s foundation needs crack repair or leveling and you’d like a free estimate, call United Structural Systems, and we’ll send our trusted experts to evaluate your home.

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