Chances are good that few homeowners spend much time thinking about the foundations of their homes, and there’s probably another good chance that most assume the layer of concrete or masonry below their feet will last forever. It won’t. Many foundations experience shifting and settling, natural processes that cause cracks which allow water intrusion into a home, and which also compromise the ability of the foundation to support a home. Over time, if left unmitigated, the current damage and the cause for it will get worse, until the necessary repairs become extensive and expensive. When you suspect you have foundation problems in your Columbia home, reach out to USS, the premier contractor for solving foundation issues on residential and commercial properties. For nearly 30 years, United Structural Systems has offered impeccable, professional foundation repair services and friendly customer service throughout the community.

It’s important to catch foundation problems early to avoid costly and intrusive foundation repairs. We recommend you conduct a personal inspection of your foundation and the interior of your home to determine if any of the following symptoms of foundation problems exist in your Columbia home:

  • Sticking doors or windows
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Sinking porches
  • Bowing or tilting of foundation walls
  • Cracks on the inside or outside of foundation walls

If you see sloping and uneven floors in your Columbia home or any of these red flags around your property, you may have foundation problems. But thankfully, no matter the condition of your property, you can count on the experts at USS to provide a solid solution. The first step is to schedule your free inspection. Our expert will drop by and will let you know for certain whether your foundation cracks or sticking windows are truly a cause for concern. It’s important to address foundation problems in your Columbia home right away because they will never go away on their own.

Faulty construction, water damage, and shifting soil are three of the most common causes of foundation settlement, the latter being the most widespread. Our team of foundation repair experts at USS can recommend the right products and methods needed to reinforce the structural stability of your home in Columbia and fix your sloping floors. Reach out to USS and set up your free foundation repair estimate today!

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