Concrete Leveling

Not just unattractive, uneven concrete slabs can also pose a real danger. Concrete slabs that have shifted or sunk create a serious trip hazard. Uneven concrete can occur almost anywhere around the home, including your driveway, garage floor, sidewalk, pool deck, or patio.

United Structural Systems can help you if you find uneven concrete in these areas. Our trusted concrete leveling experts in Columbia will restore your concrete to its original level.

What Causes Concrete to Become Uneven?

The soil under your concrete is the primary culprit of this unevenness. Pockets of empty space develop under the concrete as the soil shifts, settles, or washes away. Concrete sinks and settles when it doesn’t have any support.

Frost heave can also be a common cause of unevenness. Frost heave occurs when the moisture content in the soil freezes. This causes the soil to expand, lifting the concrete slab up until it is no longer level.

What is PolyLift?

PolyLift is a concrete leveling technique that uses polyurethane foam to support uneven concrete. This system has minimal effect on the structural integrity of the concrete and can be installed within a few minutes.

How We Can Level Your Concrete

To bring your concrete back to its original level, our team of concrete leveling experts in Columbia will drill small holes into the slab. Through these holes, we inject special polyurethane foam which expands quickly until the slab below is completely supported.

PolyLift allows for a precise lift, without excavation, and the polyurethane foam contains 39 to 49% recycled material. Once this reliable level solution is installed, it cures within a matter of minutes.

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