Cost of Foundation Repair

Do you cringe a little when you hear the words foundation repair? You’re not alone. Foundation problems are notoriously expensive to fix, as well as messy and time-consuming. If you’ve noticed any signs of foundation problems such as cracks, sticking doors, or bowing walls, contact us for a free foundation inspection of your Columbia home. Only a qualified foundation professional can properly assess your foundation and provide an accurate estimate for repairs. United Structural Systems is your trusted team for foundation repair services, and we invite you to schedule your free foundation inspection with our Columbia based contractors today.

How Much Can Foundation Repairs Cost?

Foundation issues aren’t something you should ignore, as they tend to only get worse over time. Remember, only after you have accurate information about the condition of your foundation can you make the best decisions on what to do next. In general, foundation repair is a broad category of construction work, and the costs for minor repairs can be as little as $500 by a general contractor or $10,000 or more when having work completed by a reputable foundation repair company. Minor problems like small cracks in the foundation exterior can sometimes be fixed using a masonry contractor, but major structural problems can cost significantly more. If you’re regularly paying attention to your foundation and can catch any problems early on, you may be able to save yourself a lot of money and hassles down the road. Our team is here to help, so reach out to us today to request your free foundation inspection in Columbia.

Dependable Repair Solutions

Without knowing exactly what you’re looking at, it’s hard to estimate the cost of your foundation repairs. The national average for foundation repair is around $4,500, but your case may be less or more depending on the extent of damage. Your total foundation repair costs for your Columbia home come down to a handful of factors, including the extent of the damage, the type of foundation you have, your home’s size, soil conditions, permitting, and the repair materials and methods used.

United Structural Systems can provide an accurate assessment of your foundation and give you an honest foundation repair cost quote. Contact our Columbia based team today to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection and repair estimate!

Free Estimates on Foundation Repair in Columbia, TN

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