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Does it seem as though there is something wrong with your floor? Did you recently discover that your floors are uneven? It can be an odd surprise to find out your floors aren’t level.

You might be curious about how it happened and if there are any solutions. Thankfully, you’ve found United Structural Systems. Our floor support service technicians in Columbia have both the expertise and the products necessary to provide long-lasting floor support.

Why Your Floors Are Uneven

Uneven floors signify a shift in the structural integrity of your home. It isn’t a small problem, and it should be corrected before it gets worse. A variety of factors can cause uneven floors. The most common reason for uneven floors is that they no longer have the support they need.


Moisture in below-grade spaces like basements or crawl spaces can have a dramatic effect on your floors. Wood rot, mold, and moisture can damage the support beams of your floor if it is allowed to sit in the crawl space or basement for too long.

Pest Infestation

Wood-eating bugs are likely to enter your home via the crawl space or basement. They will seek out moisture sources for their nests and begin to feed on the floor’s support beams and joists.

Settling Soil

Foundation settlement can cause a multitude of problems to the structure of your house from the bottom up. Walls and support beams may compress or pull apart due to the shifting and settling of the soil under your home, and in turn your foundation. To make your floors level again, you will need to first address your foundation settlement to stabilize and level your foundation to its original position.

United Structural Systems Can Fix Your Floors

Our floor support services in Columbia can help fix uneven floors. Don’t wait for the problem to fix itself. The longer you leave it, the worse it’ll get. If your floor support issues are not addressed quickly, there is potential for your floors to collapse.

Free Estimates on Floor Support in Columbia, TN

If you need sagging or uneven floor repairs, schedule your free estimate with United Structural Systems by contacting us for floor support services in Columbia today.

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