Foundation Repair

Trustworthy foundation repair professionals are needed if your foundation is damaged. United Structural Systems can provide you with a team of foundation specialists that are experienced and qualified to do the job right.

Symptoms Of Foundation Damage

It’s only half the battle to know if your foundation is damaged. The most common symptoms of a home experiencing foundation damage are:

Dependable Repair Solutions

Our foundation services in Columbia consist of industry-proven foundation products to quickly and efficiently repair your foundation.

Helical Piers

Helical piers can be described as long steel rods that have been welded to helical-shaped blades. These piers support lighter structures and prevent foundation settling. They are mechanically inserted into the earth until reaching competent strata. Through these piers, the structure transfers its weight to the soil below.

Steel Push Piers

Our steel push piers can support heavier structures and provide long-lasting, reliable support. Push piers go deep into the ground until they reach the point of refusal or until hitting bedrock. Once the weight has been transferred to the strata below the home, foundation settlement becomes a problem of the past.

Free Estimates on Foundation Repair in Columbia, TN

Whether you need crack or leveling repairs or basement waterproofing, to schedule an estimate, contact United Structural System’s foundation service experts in Columbia by calling or emailing us today.

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