Got a tilting walkway? A sinking patio? A sagging driveway? USS can help! We offer the best concrete lifting in Nashville and can fix any type of concrete issue. Some other contractors may try to tell you that you need total concrete replacement but tearing out concrete and pouring a new slab is unnecessarily messy and expensive. Thankfully there is another option for lifting your concrete without the demolition! Our team at USS proudly uses the most effective method on the market today — polyurethane foam injection — that delivers incredible results in just a few minutes. Our Polylift technique can restore your sidewalk, driveway, pool deck, patio, garage floor, or other concrete slab with ease.

Leveling Sinking Or Tilting Concrete

Concrete is a popular and versatile construction medium, but it does tend to sink or crack over time. This is almost always due to the soil conditions underneath the slab. Things like improperly compacted soil, soil erosion, soil shrinkage or expansion (due to moisture changes), and overloading can result in sinking or tilting concrete. Most concrete repair methods don’t get to the root cause of the problem — which is the soil. Without the need for tearing out the slab and starting over, you can prevent future sinking with Polylift! The proprietary polyurethane foam expands at a precise rate filling in any holes in the soil and curing quickly for optimal support. Other repair methods will be costly, require extensive demolition, and fail over time. But not Polylift!

If you are searching for concrete lifting in Nashville, come to USS. We’ll help you restore your curb appeal and boost your property value by lifting your concrete. The Polylift method can be applied to just about any concrete slab (even in tight spaces), but we’ll send one of our Nashville concrete experts out to your home or business to confirm if you’re a good candidate for Polylift. Reach out to schedule your free estimate today!

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