Concrete Maintenance

United Structural Systems is a leading concrete lifting company in Hendersonville that will meet and exceed your expectations. Take a moment to look at your walkway, driveway, patio, and garage floor. When was the last time you truly inspected your concrete or even gave it much thought? The truth is, while concrete is a popular building material, it is prone to sinking, cracking, and other damages, and should be maintained just like any other part of your home! Here at United Structural Systems, we are proud to be a trusted team for concrete maintenance in Hendersonville, and we can help you take great care of your property.

If your concrete is damaged to the point of needing replacement, this can be a costly endeavor and one that requires significant disruption to your home. But we may be able to help you avoid that hassle with proper concrete repair and maintenance of your Hendersonville home. Concrete can endure damage from many different sources, including water intrusion/flooding, poor soil quality, overloading, foundation movement, and more. Thankfully, USS has the tools and experience needed to prevent or repair sinking, uneven concrete! Based on the condition of your driveway, patio, walkway, or other concrete slabs, we can recommend the best type of maintenance for you.

Our Hendersonville concrete repair and maintenance team uses the Polylift method, to easily lift, level, and secure concrete slabs. This method relies on an expanding polyurethane foam which is injected under the slab. As the foam expands it fills in air pockets without adding weight to the soil, delivering a long-lasting stability that resists future settling. Polylift is a great investment in your home’s concrete and is more cost-effective and durable than other repair options. As a maintenance strategy, Polylift can support your concrete slabs and prevent many of the common causes of damage.

USS, a reputable concrete lifting company in Hendersonville, proudly uses this polyurethane foam concrete lifting method, helping homeowners like you get the peace of mind they deserve. When you’re ready to learn more about our Hendersonville concrete repair/maintenance services, get in touch to speak with a member of our team. Ask for your free inspection and estimate to get started.

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