Concrete Maintenance

When you look around your home, how much concrete do you see? If your home is like most in the Huntsville area, at a minimum you likely have a poured concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio or stoop, garage floor, and basement floor. But how often do you think about maintaining that concrete for the long haul? Here at United Structural Systems, we are proud to provide professional concrete maintenance in Huntsville and can help you avoid costly and extensive repairs. Concrete is prone to cracking and sinking over time, but with the proper maintenance, you can keep it looking and performing well for years to come.

Concrete that is damaged beyond repair can be a hassle to replace and repour. But you may be able to sidestep this when you invest in proactive maintenance. Concrete endures a lot of wear and tear through the years and is prone to damage via flooding/water infiltration, poor soil quality, overloading, foundation settlement, and other factors. If you notice signs of sinking or uneven slabs, give us a call at USS and chat with one of our Huntsville concrete maintenance professionals. We can recommend the best maintenance strategy for your home.

Here at USS, we use an innovative polyurethane foam method to maintain and repair concrete slabs. This method, Polylift, delivers immediate results. With Polylift, our team can stabilize your driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck, garage floor, or basement floor to prevent cracking and any further sinking. The expanding foam effortlessly lifts, levels, and secures the concrete slab, cures quickly, and is minimally invasive to install. USS utilizes the Polylift slab lifting and leveling method in Huntsville because it is a great maintenance technique that is quick and easy to install, is durable, and will prevent future damage to your concrete to keep your slab level for years to come.

If you want to take great care of your home and avoid the eyesore and tripping hazards of damaged concrete, contact the experts at USS. We know you’ll be happy you did. Reach out to speak with one of our Huntsville concrete maintenance pros today. Ask for your free inspection and estimate to get started.

Cracked Sidewalk

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