Interior Concrete Leveling

Concrete is prone to settling, no matter where it’s poured. But thankfully, there is a fast and simple solution to lift your concrete. At United Structural Systems in Nashville, our concrete floor leveling and repair experts provide concrete slab leveling for both exterior and interior concrete. Many homeowners and business owners in the area have concrete flooring, and these floors can sink over time. Slabs tend to sink unevenly, leading to potential problems with drainage and cracks that create tripping hazards. Sinking interior concrete slabs can show up as separations at doorways, pooling water, and gapping at corners. When you notice these signs, USS is your trusted source for slab lifting and leveling using the time-tested Polylift technique.

The Polylift Method

Our concrete floor leveling and repair experts in Nashville stand by the Polylift method because it is fast, minimally invasive, and cost-effective, especially compared with other methods like mudjacking or total slab replacement. We can apply the Polylift technique to interior concrete slabs, like those in warehouses or garages. This method uses a polyurethane foam that is injected beneath the floor and expands, carefully lifting the slab as it dries. Polylift foam is environmentally friendly, won’t erode or wash away, and cures in as little as 15 minutes.

The concrete floors in your home or commercial building may sink due to problems with the soil underneath. During construction, loose soil is often backfilled before pouring concrete, but this soil isn’t typically compacted enough to support the weight. Over time, the slab settles as the soil does, or the soil ends up developing air pockets. Polylift fixes all of that by filling in that space with durable foam while lifting the slab with the correct grading for drainage.

Reliable Concrete Service

USS is here to deliver reliable interior slab leveling and garage floor raising for our Nashville residents, all backed by our friendly customer care and commitment to satisfaction. If your concrete floors are sinking or tilting, give us a call. We’ll come out for a free on-site inspection and give you an honest estimate for repair. Call our concrete floor leveling and repair experts in Nashville today to schedule!

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