Uneven Concrete
Uneven Concrete

Our Concrete Leveling and Repair Services

When you look outside at your patio, are you happy with what you see? Or are you distracted by the sinking spots, cracks, or general unevenness? Your patio is meant to be an extension of your home’s living space, encouraging you to be outdoors, but how often do you use it? Here at USS, we are proud to offer the best concrete repair methods in Nashville, and our patio lifting and leveling service can restore your patio to its attractive, functional self. We offer reliable, cost-effective solutions for patios and other concrete issues.

  • Driveway repair

  • Concrete step repair

  • Garage floor repair

  • Concrete floor repair

  • Concrete porch repair

  • Sidewalk repair

  • Pool deck repair

Reliable Patio Repair

For people who love to grill, entertain, and make the most out of their outdoor spaces, having a safe and sturdy patio is key. If your concrete patio is settling, it can create a plethora of problems: tripping hazards, improper water drainage, and unsightliness among them. While it’s normal for heavy concrete slabs to sink over time, that doesn’t mean you have to rip yours out and start over! USS uses one of the best concrete repair techniques in Nashville and the entire industry—Polylift! Generally speaking, concrete sinks because of underlying soil issues, and Polylift fills in gaps in the soil to restore the slab and prevent future settlement problems.

Our patio lifting and leveling professionals in Nashville can help you avoid the hassle, mess, and expense of a total patio replacement, thanks to the Polylift repair technique. This involves a two-part expanding polyurethane foam that is injected underneath the slab through tiny holes drilled in the surface. As the foam expands and hardens, it lifts the patio back into place. The foam fills in any voids in the underlying soil, resulting in the most durable and environmentally friendly concrete repair solution in Nashville. Polylift is more reliable, longer-lasting, and cost-effective when compared to other methods like mudjacking or total patio replacement.

Ready to finally enjoy your time outside on your patio? USS is here for all of your concrete repair needs in Nashville! Reach out to schedule your free estimate today!