What will it cost to fix my foundation?

If you’ve noticed signs of foundation damage on your property, you’re probably searching online for cost estimates for foundation repair services near Brentwood. Many homeowners fear the worst when it comes to foundation problems, but it’s not always as bad as you might think. When you see potential foundation issues, the first thing to remember is that time is of the essence! Don’t delay in scheduling a free foundation inspection in Brentwood from United Structural Systems. Only a qualified foundation repair professional can tell you exactly what’s going on and provide recommendations for the appropriate repairs. Our foundation inspection and repair team in Brentwood is here to give you reliable, honest service, no matter the condition of your foundation.

In researching the cost estimates of foundation repair services in Brentwood, you likely have found a wide range of prices. That’s because foundation work is a broad category covering everything from minor crack repairs to major structural overhauls. Small issues can be as little as $500 for a general contractor or handyman to fix, but larger problems can run $10,000 or more when hiring a reputable foundation repair company. In order to get a more accurate estimate of your repair service, our Brentwood professionals provide free foundation inspections to find any cracks or damage in need of repair. Don’t wait too long to schedule your inspection—these problems tend to only worsen with time!

Estimating repair costs during your Brentwood foundation inspection is a free service we offer, with no obligation on your part. We have nearly 30 years of experience in the industry and can assess your foundation for damage and recommend appropriate repair services. There are many factors that affect your foundation repair costs, including your home’s size, foundation type, soil conditions, repair techniques, permitting, and extent of the damage. The national average for foundation repair services in Brentwood is around $4,500, but our team can give you a more specific number for your circumstances.

Reach out to United Structural Systems today to schedule your free foundation inspection and repair service estimate in Brentwood. We look forward to serving you!