Your crawl space is a key factor in the structure and safety of your home. Even though it’s hidden from view, the condition of your crawl space can dramatically affect your living space. If you have noticed musty odors, sagging floors, high energy bills, or other structural issues then it’s time to call USS. Our Nashville crawl space repair team can perform a full inspection and recommend the best solutions to any issues that we find. Not only is your crawl space susceptible to pest infestations and moisture damage, but it is an essential piece in holding up the weight of your home. Through girders, support columns, and foundation walls, your crawl space must be competent for your home to be a safe place for you and your family.

Common Crawl Space Issues

Many people don’t regularly check their crawl space, and understandably so. Most crawl spaces are dark and dirty, but you can count on our team to handle it for you. Some of the most common problems we see in crawl spaces are:

  • Mold growth, wood rot, and other signs of moisture damage
  • Inadequate support due to overspending of girders and beams
  • Pest infestations including insects, rodents, and more
  • Signs of foundation settling often due to poor construction and/or poor soil quality

In order to address any existing damage, and to avoid potential future damage to your crawl space, you need the best crawl space repair company in Nashville. Here at USS, we offer comprehensive structural repair and waterproofing solutions, and our crew can get your home fixed up with ease. Depending on the condition of your property, our contractors can remove, replace, repair, or reinforce components of your crawl space — resulting in a clean, dry, and secure space.

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