Here at USS, our team of Nashville structural repair experts can restore the integrity of your home or business. If you are noticing signs of foundation sinking, crawl space collapse, or other serious structural problems, please reach out to us right away. We have the experience and the tools needed to repair a wide variety of issues involving foundations, crawl spaces, and basements. Depending on the condition of your property, we may suggest structural support jack posts to lift and secure your home. This is one of the methods that we use when we encounter things like sloping or sinking floors or when we notice other structural changes caused by inadequate support in a crawl space or basement.

Professional Structural Repair Using Support Jacks

If the lower levels of your home or commercial building aren’t properly built or if they’ve suffered damage, you may see a loss of integrity over time. Things like overspanning of joists, termite damage, and wood rot (or other moisture-related damage) can seriously degrade the safety and security of a building. You may notice bouncing and sagging floors, foundation sinking, sticking doors and windows, and other signs that you may need a structural repair contractor in Nashville. Our team can come out and inspect your property and let you know if structural support jack posts are a good solution for you. These are adjustable steel posts that can be adjusted to the ideal height — giving strong support underneath your floors. Most jack posts are installed in the crawl space or basement and slowly raised to “jack up” the floor joists above.

USS is proud to be one of the top names for foundation repair in Nashville. If your home or business could benefit from structural support jack posts, you can count on us for fast and reliable installation. Jack posts can be a simple way to raise and secure your flooring and lend additional support to your property. Ready to schedule your free inspection and estimate? Give us a call today!

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