USS proudly offers the most effective and reliable crawl space encapsulation in Nashville for both our residential and commercial clients. If you want to preserve your investment and protect it against the destructive forces of uncontrolled moisture, we’re the ones you want to call. Through time-tested methods like encapsulation, we can help you hold moisture at bay. A crawl space encapsulation is often installed along with drainage systems and sump pumps for ultimate protection in keeping your space dry. One of our friendly contractors can come out to your home or business and give you a free estimate for encapsulation along with other recommendations on how to safeguard your building from moisture intrusion.

Slow Down Moisture With A Vapor Barrier

Closely related and commonly mistaken for encapsulation is the vapor barrier — or more correctly vapor diffusion retarder — which is a highly specialized material that dramatically slows the movement of moisture. There are several different types available on the market today, and you can count on the team at USS to know the right one for your situation. Vapor barriers are often installed on the inside of crawl space walls and other spots that are susceptible to moisture intrusion. To get maximum protection from moisture, it’s essential that your vapor barrier is installed by a professional Nashville vapor barrier installation expert. Do not try to do this on your own! The installation of barriers must be seamless and continuous otherwise, you may end up with more problems in the long run.

When you need the best crawl space encapsulation in Nashville or the best vapor barrier installation, come to USS. We use the best products and methods in the industry — giving you priceless peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected against moisture damage. Reach out and schedule your free inspection and estimate today to get started!

Vapor Barrier in Crawl Space

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