At USS, we are committed to making the process of repairing your home as convenient, affordable, and as painless as possible from start to finish. To follow through with this commitment, we offer home repair financing and funding options. 

What Home Repair Services Can I Finance?

Perhaps you have experienced flooding and need to consider basement waterproofing as soon as possible. Maybe you have cracks in your floors and you need immediate foundation repair. Either way, basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and other home improvement and repair services are an investment. Not only are you maintaining the safety of your home for your family, but you’re also investing in one of your biggest for the long-run.

Foundation Repair Financing in Nashville

USS provides foundation repair services to those whose foundation strength has been compromised by the effects of shifting soil and water damage. Repairing your foundation is important to the safety and value of your home; however, we understand that this expense can be costly and unexpected. The safety of you and your largest investment is important to us, which is why we provide foundation repair financing to our clients to ensure they are able to receive the solutions they need when they need them.

Basement Waterproofing Financing

Whether you’re waterproofing your basement as a proactive or cleanup method, USS is here to help. We offer basement waterproofing financing to help protect your home and your keepsakes from unpredictable weather.

Concrete Repair Financing in Nashville

Concrete leveling can improve both the safety and aesthetic value of your home. However, we understand that taking immediate action to prevent further damage is not economically achievable for some. That’s why we provide concrete repair financing to our clients, so they can be proactive in home repairs and save from further costs down the road.

Need home repair financing, but don’t see your service? Call today to learn more about our home and foundation repair financing options in Nashville!

Flexible Payment Options for Unplanned Home Expenses

We understand that sometimes home repairs are an unplanned expense, and funding these expenses can be a challenge. That is why we offer a number of flexible payment options to help make the payment for your home and foundation repairs convenient and painless.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as personal checks. We will also work with you during real estate transactions and insurance claims.

Financing for Your Home Repair Project

If you are interested in obtaining financing to fund your project, we have low payment options available through EnerBank. The process is simple: One no-hassle phone call with loan approval in minutes! Feel free to contact your project manager or call the office at 615-227-2275 for more information.

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