If your home isn’t structurally sound, you not only lose property value, but you and your family may also be at risk. There are many things that can cause structural damage to your home, including soil movement and settlement, inclement weather, poor construction, pest infestation, and moisture issues. No matter the current condition of your home, you can count on United Structural Systems for quality foundation and structural repairs in Bowling Green. Our foundation contractors have helped homeowners and business owners strengthen the integrity of thousands of buildings in the area. You can count on us for superior workmanship, friendly customer service, and the highest quality products in the industry.

Based on what we find in our initial assessment of your home, we will recommend one or more of our structural repair solutions. There are many aspects to a building’s structure, including the foundation and wood framing in the crawl space, and we will inspect each thoroughly. You may be dealing with foundation settlement due to soil erosion, moisture-related rot in floor joists or wood framing, or something else. We may suggest repair solutions such as pier systems, bowing wall repair, or crawl space jack posts. Our team has extensive experience in Bowling Green with foundation and structural repairs for homes and businesses, and we will recommend the most reliable and cost-effective options for you.

Your home’s structural strength depends on both lateral integrity (from walls and framing) and vertical integrity (from foundation slabs and flooring). Many homes experience damage in at least one of these areas, which can compromise the soundness of the structure. Thankfully, United Structural Systems in Bowling Green has foundation contractors that know what it takes to handle any size or scope of the structural repair project, and we’ll guide you toward a plan to ensure your property is properly repaired with long-lasting solutions.

If you would like to learn more about our pier systems, crawl space jack posts, and other foundation and structural repair solutions in Bowling Green, get in touch with United Structural Systems today and schedule your free inspection and estimate!

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