Have you noticed that your foundation walls seem to be leaning or bulging inwards? If so, this is a sign of foundation damage, and you should reach out to us at USS for a free inspection right away. When the soil around your home takes on moisture, it expands. This expansion puts inward pressure on your walls and over time can lead to bowing, tilting, or cracking. As the soils dry out, this may become less noticeable, but these cycles of wet and dry can seriously strain your foundation.

Minimally Invasive Solutions From USS In Nashville

Our crew of foundation repair specialists in Nashville has worked with homes and businesses to fix the root cause of bowing walls. We have several minimally invasive repair options at our fingertips, to ensure a long-lasting hold, including steel wall bracing systems and innovative carbon fiber/Kevlar strap anchors. No matter how bad your walls are bowing, we’ll go the extra mile to give your property the structural support that it needs.

Foundation walls are particularly susceptible to pressure from the outside, especially in climates that see a lot of moisture or severe cycles of wet and dry weather. As soils become wetter, this “hydrostatic pressure” can be too much for the wall to bear, and you could be left with a bowing or bulging foundation wall. Since this is a sign of overall foundation damage, you may also notice things like cracks in the wall, moisture accumulation, and more. If your walls are bowing or bending to the point where it’s easily noticeable, then it’s important that you do not wait any longer and call us at USS as soon as possible! These types of issues can indicate a loss of structural integrity and a threat of foundation collapse. Thankfully, bowing walls can be repaired with the innovative products and methods that we use.