Pier Systems for Structural Issues in Brentwood

Have you noticed signs of foundation damage at your Brentwood property? You’ve come to the right place. Here at USS, we proudly provide Brentwood homes with lasting foundation repairs for a wide variety of structural issues, and have served home and business owners alike for nearly 30 years. If your foundation is cracked, sinking, or crumbling, give us a call. Our decades of experience in the business, as well as our passion for keeping up with the latest techniques, ensure a confident and responsive solution, performed by a punctual and friendly team. After a site inspection, we can recommend the best options for your unique circumstances.

We work with only the best products and repair methods in the industry, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. One of the most reliable methods for our foundation repair work in Brentwood involves installing a pier system with large steel support shafts that anchor and re-stabilize foundations.

Foundation piers are used to stabilize foundations of all shapes and sizes. Often, foundations are not built on the most stable soils because they are dug out and backfilled. Over time, this leads to air pockets and settling, causing the foundation to shift and become damaged. Piers correct this by anchoring the foundation to the deeper, more compact and load-bearing soil. Attached to the structure via metal brackets, these piers evenly distribute the weight of the structure and prevent future settlement. Foundation piers are considered one of the best solutions for both new foundations and existing ones. USS also uses piers at times to repair large concrete steps and porches.

The pier system installation specialists at USS in Brentwood work with two types of piers for foundation repairs:

  • Helical piers—long rods featuring helical plates, which are rotated into the soil like screws
  • Push piers—smooth rods, without plates, which are pushed directly into the soil like nails

Your home or commercial building may call for one of these pier types, and the number of piers and their arrangement depends on your property. Our team of Brentwood foundation repair experts will design the perfect pier solution for you. We are happy to provide a free on-site inspection and deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home or business is structurally sound.

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Foundation Piers

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