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The most trusted team for foundation repair in Columbia is right here at United Structural Systems! At USS, we’ve worked with home and business owners for 30 years, restoring foundations to optimal stability. If your foundation is showing signs of wear and tear, cracks, sinking, or settlement, you’ve come to the right place. We work with only the best materials, products, and methods in the industry, including foundation pier systems. Piers offer a more durable, more cost-effective solution than other repair methods. With our helical and foundation pier installation services in Columbia, USS can get your home or commercial foundation lifted, leveled, and secured.

Foundation piers are long metal shafts designed to be hydraulically driven into the ground to reach denser soils that can support more weight. The piers are attached to the structure via brackets, allowing for ideal distribution of weight across several strategically placed points. This is a time-tested method for both new foundation construction and to support existing foundations. Our foundation and helical pier installation experts in Columbia use them not only for houses and buildings, but also for other concrete elements, such as concrete steps, porches,  and more!

We use two main styles of foundation piers in the Columbia area:

  • Helical piers—long metal rods with helical plates, resembling giant screws. These are rotated into the ground just like screws.
  • Push piers—straight and smooth metal rods. These are pushed directly into the ground like nails.

One of the great things about foundation pier systems is that they can be customized to suit the unique needs of your property. USS has extensive experience with assessing and installing pier solutions, and we can recommend the best course of action for you. When you want reliable foundation repair for your home that will last for generations to come, ask our team in Columbia about the push pier and helical pier installation services we offer. 

Our expert team is here to answer any of your foundation-related questions and set up your free estimate. Call today!

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