When you walk around your home, do you notice areas of the floor that bounce, creak, or sag? Are your floors noticeably sloping or warped? If so, it’s time to call the Nashville floor support contractors at USS! Your floors are designed to withstand weight and daily traffic, and if they’re not able to do so in a reliable and safe way, you may need professional repairs. The structure that supports your flooring is an essential part of your home or commercial building and can put you at risk if it’s not properly secured. Thankfully, our team has the expertise and the tools needed to address any kind of floor-related problem.

Fixing Floor Support Issues From The Ground Up

Here at USS, we want to get to the root cause of the issue. You can count on us to go the extra mile to uncover why your floors are sagging, sloping, bouncing, or otherwise damaged. There are many things that can cause problems with your flooring including foundation settlement, moisture damage, insects or other pest damage, poor construction, and more. There are 3 main layers to your floors: the underlying support structure, the subfloor layer, and the finish layer. Most problems come from the underlying support layer. We will inspect your floor joists to see if you’ve been affected by wood rot (or other decay), broken joists, or overspanning. Depending on the condition of your home and your floors, we may suggest solutions like support beams, sister joists, or total joist replacements.

For reliable, world-class floor repair in Nashville, look no further than USS. Our talented crew of professional foundation repair contractors can help you restore stability, security, and safety to your property. While some floor problems can be simply annoying, much of the time they point to deeper issues with your foundation or structural components that only a trained foundation contractor can properly fix!

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