Pier Systems for Structural Issues in Hendersonville

USS of Hendersonville offers exceptional concrete foundation repair. Your home or business must have a strong foundation in order to stand the test of time. Even so, many home and business owners may notice foundation problems but put off the repair for fear of cost or disruption. Our team of concrete foundation repair experts in Hendersonville know that foundation problems are too important to ignore, and it will only cost you more money and time the longer you wait. If you have noticed that your foundation is sinking or settling, or have seen bowing walls, large cracks, or sticking windows and doors, it’s important to get in touch with us right away. We have a straightforward solution that saves you time and money — foundation piers!

Our team of foundation professionals in Hendersonville stand behind our push and helical piers because they are a time-honored method for lifting, leveling, and supporting foundations. When most homes or business foundations are poured, the soil around them is backfilled and not often properly compressed. This results in the development of air pockets. Over time, through rain, sun, freezing, and thawing weather, these air pockets collapse, and the soil moves leading to foundation shifting and damage.

Our concrete foundation repair team helps Hendersonville homeowners fix this by essentially bypassing this unstable soil with foundation piers. Foundation piers are long metal shafts that resemble either giant nails or screws. These piers are hydraulically driven into the ground at strategic points until they are embedded in denser, load-bearing soils far beneath the foundation. As a result, these push or helical piers are anchored to your Hendersonville foundation via metal braces that provide stabilization.

Foundation piers are typically used in new construction as well as to repair existing foundations, but they can also be used to stabilize concrete steps and porches.

We typically use two different pier types in our work:

  • Helical piers — long metal rods with helical plates on one end. Helical piers are rotated into the soil like screws.
  • Push piers — straight and smooth metal rods. Push piers are pushed directly into the soil like nails.

No matter the current condition of your foundation, you can trust our team at USS to give you a thorough inspection and honest estimate for repair. If we determine that foundation piers are the right solution for your property, you can rely on us for professional planning and timely installation. And of course, we deliver reliable and friendly service along the way!

If you need a reliable and trustworthy team of concrete foundation repair experts to fix your Hendersonville foundation, United Structural Systems is your trusted source for foundation, basement, and crawl space repair! We can recommend the most cost-effective solutions for you. Call us today for a free estimate!

Foundation Piers
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