Pier Systems For Structural Issues In Nashville

If you have been looking for the best foundation repair company in Nashville, you’ve come to the right place. Here at USS, we’re proud to offer lasting solutions for all kinds of foundation issues, and we’ll go the extra mile to take good care of you and your property. Our company has nearly 30 years in the industry, and we’ve learned all about the various methods and products used to lift, level, and stabilize foundations. USS is committed to only using the absolute best support systems in our work. Foundation pier systems can deliver fast, effective results and give you the security that you deserve.

What exactly are piers? Piers are long steel shafts that are drilled deep into the soil surrounding your property. These are designed to reach the competent, load-bearing soils underneath and distribute the weight of your structure across several points. These piers are attached to your home or commercial building via metal brackets. Foundation piers are used in a wide range of construction applications, both for new buildings and to reinforce existing buildings. Foundation piers can be used to repair stairs and porches too! Here at USS, our Nashville pier systems installation team works with two main types of piers:

  • Helical piers – metal rods with helical plates on one end that are rotated into the soil (like screws)
  • Push piers – smooth, straight metal rods that are pushed directly into the soil (like nails).

Depending on the condition of your structure and your soil, we can recommend the best foundation pier system for you. You can rely on USS for a thorough foundation assessment and an honest estimate of foundation pier installation for your Nashville property. With our help, you can enjoy a safe and stable home once again and protect yourself from future foundation settlement problems.

Ready to learn more about how pier systems can solve your foundation issues for good? Get in touch with us at USS and request your free inspection to get started!

Foundation Piers

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