The state of your walls can tell you a lot about the state of your foundation. If you have noticed that your walls are cracking, bowing, tilting, or decaying, it’s time to give us a call at USS. The walls of your home or commercial building are essential for providing vertical integrity and for properly distributing the weight of a structure. Walls that are weakened or unlevel can present problems not just in your foundation, but throughout the entire space (even on the upper floors). Thankfully, our Nashville wall repair team is here to assess your home or business and recommend the best course of action to restore the kind of support you need.

How We Repair Foundation Wall Issues

When it comes to repairing foundation walls, we utilize a few different options. What option we choose is based upon the structure and condition of your walls. Whether your wall issues are caused by inward-moving hydrostatic pressure, foundation heave, foundation settlement, poor soil quality, or something else, you can rely on us to deliver the perfect solution for you. USS is a proud distributor of the Fortress carbon fiber strap system that is a permanent and minimally invasive anchoring system. The material is 4x stronger than steel, and we use this cutting-edge strap system to address bowing, tipping, or shearing foundation walls. And in cases where the Fortress system may not be the best fit, we use steel I-beams and other wall anchoring techniques.

If you’ve been looking for foundation wall repair in Nashville that you can trust, we’re glad you’re here. With nearly 30 years in business, USS is the best choice to handle all your foundation repair needs.

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Remember that your walls are an essential part of the structure and safety of your home, and it’s important not to ignore signs of wall damage for too long. If you’ve noticed bulging, bowing, tilting, or cracking in your walls, give us a call and request your free inspection. We look forward to working with you!