Are you worried that your home is not structurally sound? Have you noticed symptoms like bowing walls, wood rot, or sticking doors and windows? You’ve come to the right place! United Structural Systems is proud to be a top name for foundation structural repair in Nashville, and we’ll take great care of you and your property. We will identify the root cause of your issues and provide a cost-effective solution for repair. Many buildings suffer damage from things like soil settlement, hydrostatic pressure, severe weather, pest infestation, moisture damage, and even poor construction. No matter what condition your home is in, you are in good hands with us.

United Structural Systems always begins every job with a thorough inspection. Our structural repair experts in Nashville will come out to your home and go through every aspect of your structural support, including your foundation walls and slab, your floor joists, and wood framing, in your crawl space area. Depending on what your home needs, we may recommend a repair option such as foundation piers, including helical or push piers. However, you may need something else instead, like crawl space jack posts, bowing wall repair, floor joist repair, or wood frame repair. Our Nashville experts will customize your repair plan and give you an honest estimate for your costs. We are here to help you navigate your options and make sure you feel confident in the best ways to invest in your property.

Supporting a home’s structure comes down to reinforcing the resistance to both lateral and vertical forces. All buildings experience pressure from things like gravity, soil hydrostatic pressure, extreme winds, and other environmental factors. With our help, you can rest well knowing your home is resilient and will stand strong.

Reach out to United Structural Systems today to discuss our foundation structural repair options in Nashville. Set up your free inspection and receive a free estimate customized for your home.

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