What causes foundation cracks in your Franklin home? When you think about potential causes of foundation damage, do you think about the soil surrounding your home? It’s okay if you don’t; many homeowners often don’t notice cracks in their foundation or think about the reasons for them. The truth is, soil-related foundation problems are the most common damage issue homeowners face, particularly when their homes are built on expansive soil which has a high clay content. That composition enables the soil to absorb large amounts of water, which then creates an increase in the hydrostatic pressure exerted against the foundation walls of your Franklin home. Here at United Structural Systems in Franklin, we know that what causes foundation cracks is often because of expansive soil. It is important to protect your home against the damages expansive soil can create, and we deliver the most effective solutions on the market today to provide that protection.

How Expansive Soil Affects Your Foundation: What Causes Foundation Cracks — Franklin?

No matter where the water comes from—rain, snow, plumbing failure, a rising water table—when expansive soil gets wet its volume can increase by 10% or more. This causes tremendous inward pressure on your foundation walls, on average 20,000 pounds per square foot! If you don’t have the right reinforcements in place to resist these forces, your walls could bulge, bow, tilt, crack, or even collapse entirely. Damage to your foundation walls also puts your home at risk for water infiltration, pests, mold, and more.

Expansive soil can also be hazardous when it’s dry. As it loses its water content, an expansive soil will shrink significantly, which can create structural shifts, air pocket formation, and general erosion. As these wet and dry cycles move from season to season, the foundation of your home can become more and more stressed.

Vertical Crack in Brick

USS Can Help Reinforce Your Home Against Expansive Soils

While there isn’t much we can do about the soil around these parts, our USS foundation repair team in Franklin has solutions to restore the stability of your home, and to keep it protected from the effects of expansive soil. We recommend doing this sooner rather than later, before the foundation damage becomes incredibly expensive and your problem worsens.

There are many options for foundation reinforcement for your Franklin home, and one of our specialists will recommend the best ones for your case. These may include foundation piers, basement wall stabilization systems, and even water drainage systems to combat the saturated soils beneath your foundation. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate!

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