Does your Franklin home have foundation problems? United Structural Systems can help! Most homeowners don’t give much conscious thought to their foundations, at least not until they notice signs of foundation damage—cracks, crumbling, bowed, or leaning basement walls. The foundation of your home is made out of concrete or masonry, and it functions to support the weight of your home and keep it upright and stable. However, many foundations settle because of the shifting soil beneath them. That movement commonly causes foundation problems. It’s important to catch signs of foundation problems early, and when you do, contact USS in Franklin, the experts in foundation problems and repair. We’re your #1 choice for restoring the structural integrity of your home.

You may be alarmed at the thought of foundation repair, but not all foundation problems require intrusive excavation or heavy cash outlay. Not every crack indicates serious damage. The experts at USS are more than happy to assess your foundation to determine what, if any, repairs you might need.

Do a personal inspection of your foundation, and look for the following common signs of foundation problems:

  • Windows or doors that stick
  • Sloping or uneven floors
  • Porches or additions that are sinking
  • Tilting or bowing of foundation walls
  • Cracks on interior or exterior of foundation walls

If you notice any of these signs and are not sure whether they are cause for concern, reach out to the professional team at USS. We’ll visit your home or business for a free assessment. It won’t take us long to determine whether there is damage and how severe it might be. If we feel your foundation does need repair, we’ll also provide you with a free estimate. Remember that foundation damage doesn’t go away on its own; it typically gets worse with time. Don’t delay in scheduling your repairs!

Foundation problems for Franklin homes are usually caused by shifting soils, but inefficient water drainage on your property and poor construction may also be to blame. Whether your Franklin home has sloping, uneven floors, or bowing foundation walls, we can determine the cause of your foundation issues and provide you with a lasting solution to restore its stability and prevent future issues.

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