Basement Waterproofing

Significant damage to your home can be caused by something as simple as excess moisture. It can start in your basement where it may go unnoticed for many months. If you happen to notice the excess moisture in your basement, it is best not to ignore it.

Basements won’t dry naturally and will get more damaged over time. For the best basement waterproofing solution available in Hendersonville, contact United Structural Systems.

How Water Gets into Your Basement

Groundwater in excess is the main cause of a wet basement. Hydrostatic pressure can build up and press against your foundation walls until it cracks allowing the moisture to leak in.

If you have a plumbing problem nearby or a heavy downpour, water can build up around your house until the water forces its way in.

If downspouts are not installed correctly or they become damaged, rainwater can be deposited into the soil around your foundation, and this can increase hydrostatic pressure. Another reason that water can seep into the basement is through leaky window wells. In Hendersonville, basement waterproofing is critical for the health of your home, and we will make sure it is done right at United Structural Systems.

Symptoms of Moisture Problems

There are several signs that indicate there is too much moisture in your basement. Watch out for musty odors, cracks in concrete floors and walls, wood decay, mold, mildew, and other signs. Additionally, you might experience worsening allergy symptoms and increased energy costs.

How We Can Waterproof Your Basement

Our specialists will secure your basement with an internal drainage system. This method will effectively remove water from your basement, paired with a sump pump can address any water that makes its way inside your home.

Free Estimates on Basement Waterproofing in Hendersonville, TN

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