Concrete Leveling

Uneven concrete slabs are not just unattractive, they’re dangerous. It’s possible for someone to trip and fall if your concrete is uneven. This type of concrete shifting can occur anywhere around the house, including driveways, garage floors, and sidewalks.

United Structural Systems is the best place to call if you find uneven concrete around your property. Our concrete leveling professionals in Hendersonville can restore your concrete to its original position.

What Causes Concrete to Become Uneven?

Uneven concrete is caused by the soil underneath it. It is natural for soil to shift, settle, or wash out and leave behind pockets of unfilled space underneath your concrete. Concrete that has nothing to support it will eventually sink and shift.

Frost heave, another common cause, is also a possibility. Frost heave happens when moisture in the support soil freezes. The soil then expands and lifts the concrete slab until the concrete slab is no longer level. Here are some things you can do to level your concrete in Hendersonville.

What is PolyLift?

The PolyLift system uses polyurethane foam to level your uneven concrete. This system will not affect the structural integrity or strength of your concrete slab. It is a minimally-invasive method of concrete leveling offered in Hendersonville, and it can be installed in a matter of minutes.

How We Can Level Your Concrete

We start by drilling small holes in the concrete slab. To bring it back to its original level, we inject a special polyurethane foam into the holes. This will rapidly expand until the slab’s void is filled and the slab is leveled and fully supported.

PolyLift gives you a solution that is precise and requires no excavation. As an added benefit, the polyurethane foam is composed of between 39 and 49% recycled materials. After a quick installation, your concrete will be restored to its original position. There is not a sidewalk or driveway repair needed in Hendersonville that our team cannot level.

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