Uneven Concrete

Henderson Concrete Driveway Leveling

We are proud to have a great team of concrete driveway repair and leveling service professionals in Hendersonville that are ready to help you boost your curb appeal and home value. If your driveway is showing signs of damage like sinking, settling, tilting, or cracking, we’re glad you’re here. Other concrete repair companies in Hendersonville may suggest that you rip out your damaged driveway and pour a new one with great hassle and expense. However, there may be a better way! We offer Hendersonville residents a PolyLift concrete lifting technique that can deliver great results in mere minutes and save you thousands in the long run. Don’t let your damaged driveway create a liability for you any longer— let the concrete lifting pros at USS help.

Our concrete driveway repair and leveling services available in Hendersonville have helped local residents save time and avoid tearing up their driveway. Concrete is a very popular building material, but it is quite prone to decay. Poured concrete slabs often sink due to issues with the underlying soil, and most concrete repair options don’t address this root cause. Improperly compacted soils, expansive soils, and eroding soils result in concrete settling. Concrete also tends to shrink as it dries. Combine all these factors with heavy moving loads from cars, and you’ve likely got unsightly and hazardous concrete on your hands. Thankfully, USS can take care of your driveway in a matter of minutes thanks to our Hendersonville PolyLift technicians.

Our concrete lifting team uses the PolyLift technique, and we’ve seen tremendous results using this over our many years in the industry. Polylift is an expanding foam that is injected underneath your concrete through tiny holes in the surface. As the foam expands, it lifts your slab, curing within 30 minutes. The durable foam not only lifts your driveway but is also strong enough to prevent future settling. PolyLift is a great alternative to total driveway replacement and requires no major demolition.

Reach out to us to learn more about our concrete driveway and repair leveling services in Hendersonville, and get your free on-site estimate. Give us a call or fill out our online form today!