What causes foundation cracks? Our Hendersonville foundation experts understand that the type of soil that surrounds your home can make a significant difference in the integrity of your foundation. Soil may look harmless, but if you have expansive, clay-rich soil on your property, you may be at risk for foundation issues. Expansive soil can take on a lot of water and place tremendous pressure on your foundation walls. Thankfully, you have the trusted team of Hendersonville foundation repair experts at USS by your side. We have nearly 30 years of industry experience and know what causes foundation cracks! USS of Hendersonville can help you protect your foundation against soil-related problems.

How Expansive Soil Affects Your Foundation: What Causes Foundation Cracks — Hendersonville?

Rain, snow, or plumbing failure can result in wet soil. And when expansive soil gets wet it swells considerably, adding 10% or more in volume. This puts additional hydrostatic pressure on the outside of your foundation walls, to the tune of around 20,000 pounds per square foot. Without any preventative measures, your foundation walls could bulge, bow, crack, tilt, or even collapse altogether. This type of wall damage can also increase your risk of water infiltration and other hazards.

Expansive, clay-heavy soil not only grows when wet but also shrinks as it dries. During dry seasons, your soil could contract enough to cause erosion, air pocket formation, and structural shifts in your home. In climates like the one we have here in Hendersonville, repeated wet and dry cycles can cause additional wear and tear on foundations.

Vertical crack in brick

USS Can Help Reinforce Your Home Against Expansive Soil

You can’t change your soil, but you can certainly protect your home from expansive soil-related problems! United Structural Systems provides reliable, cost-effective solutions to prevent potential future foundation damage.

You can count on our Hendersonville foundation repair team to inspect your home and recommend the best options for you, which may include drainage systems to combat saturated expansive soils, foundation piers, and more. Our foundation reinforcement services will protect your Hendersonville home and give you priceless peace of mind! Call or fill out our contact form to schedule your free estimate today!

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